Pumping Irrigation Filtration & More

Pumping Irrigation Filtration & More

Pumping Irrigation Filtration & More

Albany Irrigation & Drilling offers a wide range of expert and specialised services across a wide range of pumping, irrigation and filtration needs. We'll recommend, design, install and maintain custom irrigation systems for large-scale projects; or supply a domestic water pump or compression fittings and pipe for small projects.

  • Consultancy & specialised water advice
  • Irrigation design, equipment, installation & maintenance
  • Water supply, water testing, treatment, storage & distribution
  • Pumping Equipment
  • Water filtration solutions
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Albany Irrigation & Drilling Products

We work with Australia's leading brands and products in water and fluid management including:

  • Davey Water Products –Pumps, Pressure Tanks, Firefighters®
  • Franklin Electric – Pumping & Solar Solutions
  • Grundfos - Pumps
  • Hunter - Irrigation Controllers, Sprinklers, Accessories
  • Pentair Onga (Southern Cross) – Pumps, Pressure Tanks
  • Philmac Australia - Fittings, Valves, Connectors
  • PondMax - Pond Filters & Pumps
  • Puretec - Filtration & Treatment Equipment
  • Vinidex – Pipe Systems & Solutions

Albany Irrigation & Drilling Solutions

You'll find practical advice to deliver cost-effective solutions to save time, energy and money – and maximise your water efficiency:

  • Drilling & Bores
  • Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Irrigation Scheduling
  • Filtration & Treatment Solutions
  • Plumbing Parts, Spares & Supplies
  • Pressure Systems
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Water Tanks & Storage
With rising costs of water and energy, it pays to find out how you can save time and money by maximising the efficiency of your water management.


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